Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finally, a post!

Ok, so I have completely come to the realization that I suck at blogging now. It's true. As my sister-in-law, Kim, put it, "Stephanie, your blog is just sad." So I am finally making time to post. Lochlan is in bed, Greg is at a softball game, and I have time. Yay, for me! So...here's my catch up, my baby is going to be 18 months tomorrow!! I cannot believe how time has flown, it makes me so happy and kinda sad...he'll be leaving on his mission in no time! Crazy. I have loved every second of being this little boy's mom. Here's a little info about Lochlan now that he's 1 1/2:

Lochlan LOVES to swim-we take swimming lessons, the "mom and tot" class is his favorite part of the day.

Lochlan is not a big talker. Or at least he hasn't been. At 12 months he was saying all kinds of things, like, mama, dada, uh-oh, thank you, light, chicken-yes, he said chicken. Then he kinda lost interest. The past few days though, he has been repeating everything and talking up a storm. It has been so enjoyable. I love his babbling, with the occasional word that I understand. Yesterday, (and this is one of the reasons I HAD to blog) he even said "mama, I love you"! (of course, there was some coaching involved, but all the same it was Awesome!)

Lochlan loves to hug and give big kisses. This, I LOVE. He is always so willing to lean over and give his dad or mom a big kiss.

Lochlan loves sports...just like dad. He already has an incredible arm on him. The other week he picked up something in church and chucked it a good three pews back...of course he hit someone square in the forehead which was not good, but all the same, we're pretty proud of his pitching skills and look forward to him taking care of us in our old age on his MLB salary.

Lochlan loves to say prayers at the end of the night. We announce that it's bedtime and he takes both Greg and I by the hand, walks into his room, plops down in front of his bed and folds his arms for prayer. So cute! My testimony grows every night just seeing this. It's like when he points to a painting in our house and tries to say Jesus. It's just amazing, how does a little 18 month KNOW this!!

What an incredible little boy we have!


nanamoo said...

And he is so adorable too :)

Jody Weiss said...

Welcome back to the blogging world! Lochlan is such a cutie and growing so fast! I can't believe he's already a year and a half!

Melody said...

He is certainly a cutie. With a great name too! ;)

Heather said...

He is such a fun little guy, and he does have a great arm. But sorry to burst your bubble, it was only 2 pews back! He cracks me up all of the time and I'm so glad we get to watch him grow!

Livin' in the Sunshine said...

I do hope you continue to blog! i miss you so much...and you made me start mine...so get your rear in gear !!!