Monday, June 21, 2010

My Contribution to Sugar Doodle

I should start out by saying that most of my adult life has been spent serving in YW. A calling that I am most happy to fulfill. I LOVE serving in YW. Over the years, I have borrowed many handout ideas from So, this past week, when my advisor went out of town for her anniversary and didn't get back until Saturday, I told her that I would love to teach so she could enjoy her week and not have to worry about the lesson. I know, I'm super nice that way! As I read through the lesson on Missionary Work, I myself came up with MY OWN cute handout idea, so I just had to share it and will be sharing it with the readers of Sugardoodle. I read a one-liner quote, "Be ye fishers of catch them, he'll clean them" and was inspired. I loved this quote so I attached it to a bag of sweedish fish, tied it closed with fishing line, and made a hook out of jewelry wire. The girls loved it! Here is how thy turned out. Let me know what you think!


debbie said...

Was this a lesson on dating? Are you teaching the girls to date hobos? LOL. It's a super cute idea! I miss you serving with our YW.

Janet said...