Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not a Second Thought

It has been interesting, the things I have heard since General Conference last week. I always look so forward to General Conference. Waking up, eating a fantastic breakfast together (which doesn't ever happen on Sunday due to early church meetings), and watching Conference, hearing the wonderful instruction and thoughts of our dear church leaders. This past Conference, when I heard Boyd K. Packer's talk, I can honsetly say I didn't think too much about it. Not a second thought. It was a great talk. I, being a member my entire life, was not at all shocked at the words he spoke. Then, later on in the week Greg informed me of some opposition to his words out in Utah. This saddened me, but I again didn't dwell on it too long. THEN, while talking to my wonderful sister-in-law tonight, America (who really is so wonderful-I am thankful all the time that my brother married such a great woman) she asked me if there had been any backlash in our ward because of that certain talk. I answered, "No, I haven't heard a single thing." She then went on to tell me how sad she was that there were a few people in her ward that were apparently shocked by what Elder Packer said. Huh? She went on to say that a few of them were so torn up about it that they were questioning the church and "couldn't even read their scriptures" because of their personal turmoil. I was completely surprised by this. Can I just say, I DON'T GET IT?! I don't mean to be insensitive at all, but if you are a church member is this really shocking? If you have been through the temple, how can you be surprised by this? As we talked, America told me that those she spoke with honestly thought the church would eventually change their opinion on this subject. Oh, wow! She went on to say that one of the women who was saying this is a YW leader and is now unsure of what to think. Some are even beginning to read anti-mormon websites. It breaks my heart that people are questioning our church leaders. I always look so forward to hearing them speak to us and I KNOW that what they say is so true. As a YW leader myself (and especially a mother of a young child that will have to endure far more in this world than I did), I cannot begin to think about what would happen if we as leaders to the youth would all begin to doubt and falter in our testimonies. Now is the time to hold onto your testimony as tight as you can! Hold on for dear life! My heart hurts right now for those that do not know that this IS the true church. And especially for those that once knew and are letting their testimonies slip through their fingers! Now is the time to stand and be courageous against the things of this world. What does the future hold for us and for the youth of this Church if we don't? If we let the world dictate what we do and what we think all because we don't want to offend others? The Church will NOT ever change it's teachings, and we shouldn't want it to change.