Saturday, June 20, 2009

Check Up and No Tears

Yesterday was Lochlan's 6 month check up with his pediatrician, who is wonderful. This time, Greg got to come along, it being his day off. Here's what we found out.

Height- 29 inches (he has grown 2 1/2 inches in 2 months!)
Weight- 16 lbs 6 ozs
Conclusion: Still super long and super lean! We have a little basketball player on our hands. Greg fondly refers to him as our little "Yao Ming".
Then it was shot time. I had been prepping Greg all week about how sad it is when they have to Lochlan his shots, because he of course cries after the shots until you pick him up. So the nurse comes in and the first shot goes in the first leg...not a peep from Lochlan. What?? The second shot goes in the second leg...a little whimper and then nothing. The third shot...nothing! Unbelievable!!! Not one tear after three shots! Lochlan made a liar out of mommy. I Was happy there were no tears, but Greg now thinks I exaggerated the first couple times. What can you do?


heather said...

Way to make a liar out of Mommy, Lochlan! That always happens when I take Mattie to the Dr for being sick. When we get there she always acts like she is totally fine!

jeremyandholly said...

oh steph...he is SO cute!! and i'm pretty sure i have NEVER heard of a child who doesn't cry when they get shots! what a little angel:)

rjandbjudy said...

Lochlan was trying to be tough for his Daddy! Thanks for your blog address you guys are awesome thanks for getting us hooked on amazing race. Have a good christmas :)