Friday, June 25, 2010

Swim Lessons

At the beginning of May, Lochlan started going to swim lessons- the "Mom and Tot" class, so I get to paddle around with him. It's pretty much just singing funny songs and making them kick their feet, getting them used to swimming. Fun stuff. He is just finishing up his second month and LOVING it! Lochlan has always loved the water, and living in Florida, I think it is so important the kids learn to swim as soon as possible because there is water EVERYWHERE. We have really enjoyed going to swim lessons twice a week at the Palm Bay Aquatic Center. His favorite part by far is the free time at the end when he can go down the slide. On Wednesday, the instructor and one of the lifeguards there took pictures of all the little ones as they went under water. I think this shot is so funny because most kids keep their eyes open...but Lochlan closes his eyes and holds his breath before he goes all the way under! Always so aware of his surroundings. So here is a picture of Lochlan paddling around in the pool.

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Contribution to Sugar Doodle

I should start out by saying that most of my adult life has been spent serving in YW. A calling that I am most happy to fulfill. I LOVE serving in YW. Over the years, I have borrowed many handout ideas from So, this past week, when my advisor went out of town for her anniversary and didn't get back until Saturday, I told her that I would love to teach so she could enjoy her week and not have to worry about the lesson. I know, I'm super nice that way! As I read through the lesson on Missionary Work, I myself came up with MY OWN cute handout idea, so I just had to share it and will be sharing it with the readers of Sugardoodle. I read a one-liner quote, "Be ye fishers of catch them, he'll clean them" and was inspired. I loved this quote so I attached it to a bag of sweedish fish, tied it closed with fishing line, and made a hook out of jewelry wire. The girls loved it! Here is how thy turned out. Let me know what you think!

Happy Dad's Day

Yesterday, being Father's Day, I wanted to wake up and make Greg a fabulous breakfast in bed...then I remembered that he gets up super early for meetings before church. Scratch that idea, I got up and made him fabulous Pillsbury Orange Rolls! I know, I really went out of my way on this (I thought is was kinda funny and sad, so I took a picture, which makes it even more sad). Greg appreciated that I even got up at 6 something to pop those in the oven. But the day was just beginning. I surprised him with a new tie and some other gifts- I made Lochlan and Greg matching ties for church. Special, right? I am so glad that I have a husband that humors me with my little creations-it obviously not being the type of high quality ties that he is so used to. Still, he wore it happily and matched our little boy for church!
So today I thought I would write about what a great guy I have. I love that my husband can make me laugh, sometimes when I don't feel like laughing. I do love and am so grateful for the fact that I have a craft room and still my stuff seems to trickle out and find itself all over the house and he's ok with it! I love that he gets up everyday to go to a job to take care of us, even though he'd probably rather be at the beach. I love that he comes home, changes from his khakis and polo into some play clothes and runs around with our son, wearing him out for the evening. And I especially love that at the very end of the day, when all the madness has settled, he grabs my hand, says a prayer, and tells me he loves me. I love you, Greg. Thanks for being a great dad and wonderful husband!!
It was also a special day because it was Lochlan's first day of nursery...which he didn't really enjoy. We'll have to work on it.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finally, a post!

Ok, so I have completely come to the realization that I suck at blogging now. It's true. As my sister-in-law, Kim, put it, "Stephanie, your blog is just sad." So I am finally making time to post. Lochlan is in bed, Greg is at a softball game, and I have time. Yay, for me!'s my catch up, my baby is going to be 18 months tomorrow!! I cannot believe how time has flown, it makes me so happy and kinda sad...he'll be leaving on his mission in no time! Crazy. I have loved every second of being this little boy's mom. Here's a little info about Lochlan now that he's 1 1/2:

Lochlan LOVES to swim-we take swimming lessons, the "mom and tot" class is his favorite part of the day.

Lochlan is not a big talker. Or at least he hasn't been. At 12 months he was saying all kinds of things, like, mama, dada, uh-oh, thank you, light, chicken-yes, he said chicken. Then he kinda lost interest. The past few days though, he has been repeating everything and talking up a storm. It has been so enjoyable. I love his babbling, with the occasional word that I understand. Yesterday, (and this is one of the reasons I HAD to blog) he even said "mama, I love you"! (of course, there was some coaching involved, but all the same it was Awesome!)

Lochlan loves to hug and give big kisses. This, I LOVE. He is always so willing to lean over and give his dad or mom a big kiss.

Lochlan loves sports...just like dad. He already has an incredible arm on him. The other week he picked up something in church and chucked it a good three pews back...of course he hit someone square in the forehead which was not good, but all the same, we're pretty proud of his pitching skills and look forward to him taking care of us in our old age on his MLB salary.

Lochlan loves to say prayers at the end of the night. We announce that it's bedtime and he takes both Greg and I by the hand, walks into his room, plops down in front of his bed and folds his arms for prayer. So cute! My testimony grows every night just seeing this. It's like when he points to a painting in our house and tries to say Jesus. It's just amazing, how does a little 18 month KNOW this!!

What an incredible little boy we have!