Thursday, September 16, 2010

Choose Your Cupcake Wisely

Last night for YW we had a discussion on chastity. We had two great speakers come in and talk to the girls about the importance of remaining chaste. While planning this activity, I came across this great idea on Sugardoodle and decided to end the night with it. I asked the girls to choose between the two types of cupcakes I had brought for them-the first, unbaked, and the second, baked, filled, iced, and beautiful. The girls caught on quick that I was referencing back the chastity message. We discussed how if you eat the raw batter, (break the law of chastity) it can make you sick and you can lose your appetite and it would feel like something is missing. However, if you are patient and wait for the cupcake to bake (wait for marriage), it is so much better and worth it.
I loved this object lesson as soon as I read it, so I wanted to make the cupcakes absolutely irresistible looking. I spent the afternoon making these beauties with my sister. I made chocolate cupcakes with a ganache filled center (which was so yummy), topped with swiss meringue buttercream and a white shimmery fondant flower. I wasn't too impressed with the taste of frosting by itself...but it wasn't bad with the cupcake. I think they turned out fantastic looking!

(Here's the heartbreak of the night...While on my way to the church, the young woman I had picked up was carefully holding my precious cupcakes on her lap when the car in front of me slammed on his/her breaks! All our hard work was now smashed together in a blue mess. There were only 6 cupcakes that were not harmed. I WAS DEVASTATED!! There went my whole thought!! I am so grateful for the women I serve with. They quickly calmed me down when I got to church and all went to work right away to make them presentable again. When I handed them out at the end of the night, they weren't the most perfect looking cupcakes...but I think the YW still got the message!)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Naughty Spot

I don't think I need to explain this picture. I will say this might be one of my favorite pictures to date and says a lot about our little Lochlan!