Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Dad's Day

Yesterday, being Father's Day, I wanted to wake up and make Greg a fabulous breakfast in bed...then I remembered that he gets up super early for meetings before church. Scratch that idea, I got up and made him fabulous Pillsbury Orange Rolls! I know, I really went out of my way on this (I thought is was kinda funny and sad, so I took a picture, which makes it even more sad). Greg appreciated that I even got up at 6 something to pop those in the oven. But the day was just beginning. I surprised him with a new tie and some other gifts- I made Lochlan and Greg matching ties for church. Special, right? I am so glad that I have a husband that humors me with my little creations-it obviously not being the type of high quality ties that he is so used to. Still, he wore it happily and matched our little boy for church!
So today I thought I would write about what a great guy I have. I love that my husband can make me laugh, sometimes when I don't feel like laughing. I do love and am so grateful for the fact that I have a craft room and still my stuff seems to trickle out and find itself all over the house and he's ok with it! I love that he gets up everyday to go to a job to take care of us, even though he'd probably rather be at the beach. I love that he comes home, changes from his khakis and polo into some play clothes and runs around with our son, wearing him out for the evening. And I especially love that at the very end of the day, when all the madness has settled, he grabs my hand, says a prayer, and tells me he loves me. I love you, Greg. Thanks for being a great dad and wonderful husband!!
It was also a special day because it was Lochlan's first day of nursery...which he didn't really enjoy. We'll have to work on it.

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