Saturday, June 20, 2009

Check Up and No Tears

Yesterday was Lochlan's 6 month check up with his pediatrician, who is wonderful. This time, Greg got to come along, it being his day off. Here's what we found out.

Height- 29 inches (he has grown 2 1/2 inches in 2 months!)
Weight- 16 lbs 6 ozs
Conclusion: Still super long and super lean! We have a little basketball player on our hands. Greg fondly refers to him as our little "Yao Ming".
Then it was shot time. I had been prepping Greg all week about how sad it is when they have to Lochlan his shots, because he of course cries after the shots until you pick him up. So the nurse comes in and the first shot goes in the first leg...not a peep from Lochlan. What?? The second shot goes in the second leg...a little whimper and then nothing. The third shot...nothing! Unbelievable!!! Not one tear after three shots! Lochlan made a liar out of mommy. I Was happy there were no tears, but Greg now thinks I exaggerated the first couple times. What can you do?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

6 Months-I Can't Believe It!

Our little man is six months today! Crazy, where does all the time go. A few things about Lochlan. His favorite food by far is peaches with oatmeal. He also loves to finish dinner with a little mango for dessert-he's like his mom, loves his dessert! Least favorite food to date, green beans-he started gagging the second he got a spoonful. Lochlan loves playing in his jumper and on his play mat, rolling around and grabbing anything insight. He is very good and grabbing anything and everything-favorite thing to grab is the remote when mom and dad are watching a show and he starts pressing buttons. He also like pounding on the computer while I am holding him, trying to blog. I guess he wants to help. He loves to laugh, his ticklish spot is on his side, same as his dad's. He smiles for everyone, he is a very happy kid, unless he is tired, then he is pretty cranky, but aren't we all. Lochlan is very observant, he pays attention to anything and everything going on around him-he loves watching Sting'em run around the house like a crazy dog after a bath. He thinks Sting'em is pretty funny stuff. Sting'em likes him too, he always trying to snuggle up to Lochlan. When he's tired, he likes to look at books while I read to him, calms him down almost immediately. When he sleeps he likes to bunch up in a ball on his stomach with his knees tucked under, holding tight to his favorite blanket. He loves to talk when he's playing and see how loud he can get. He loves his mom and dad, and always has the biggest and best smiles for us. We are so happy we have this amazing little boy!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Recruited for Camp

I was recruited for Girl's Camp this year for the craft committee. How great is that?? Crafting with the YW and then I get to leave camp, I don't have to spend the night? I'll take it! So today I headed out to the Deseret Ranch to the campgrounds to go crafting for the day. My mom watched Lochlan so he wouldn't have to endure the heat. Thanks, mom. First was the crafty service project. The service project this year was making thank you cards for our troops and packing them with packs of kool-aid, ahh a taste from home. So after I shared a little spiritual thought on freedom and how we have everything because there are wonderful people willing to fight for our country, we got to the card making. What a great service project!! It was so wonderful to see the girls get into it and talk about all the freedoms they have in this life.
Here is Rebecca (our ward's camp leader) helping the girls out with the cards, she's very crafty with the card making.

Then it was free time/craft time. The theme this year was "Daughter of a King- Quest for the Best". It was all very princessy. So I made tons of vinyl letters in all jewel tones (ya know, for the princesses) to make these adorable little tiles. The girls LOVED them. So glad I could be of service to the wonderful YW organization again, even if it was just for a very hot day.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

OH NO! Preview

So I am getting a small taste of what I have to look forward to in the near future. Lochlan, as I have said is quite the little mover. He knows how to get from point A to point B. I am catching him pulling on blinds and tearing at magazines. Geez, what a little boy he is, getting into everything already. Better hide the china!!!

Oh my little troublemaker caught in the act of making a mess!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Goodbye Alimentum

Goodbye Alimentum, hello regular formula. At two weeks old we learned that Lochlan had an allergy to cow's milk. At three weeks we had to start supplementing with formula and that's when we learned the hard way that Lochlan also had an intolerance for soy. A very violent intolerance for soy! Oy. So we had to supplement with Alimentum, which is so very expensive. Good thing it was just to supplement. His pediatrician said that we could try switching him over to regular formula at six months and see what happens. Lochlan is not quite six months, but I figured, what was a week going to do? So I am happy to report that we used the rest of our last can of Alimentum and he is now on regular formula and seems to be doing fine. Thank goodness!!! The Alimentum was a whopping $25 for a small can. I am thankful that it was so good to his poor little tummy for the first months of his life, but I am just glad his tummy can handle the cow's milk protein now. Unfortunately, he still can't take any soy. Mix up with his cousin's bottle the other week, Lochlan barely got any, I noticed it before I thought it could do any damage, but apparently not soon enough and....not good. Maybe he'll grow out of that by 1.

Monday, June 8, 2009


This is a dessert that I have been dying to try making. So last night when Heather and Matt and their little ones came over for the Magic game, I tried it out on them, since I always try desserts on other people. Not exactly basketball watching food like the nachos we also ate, but still fabulous just the same. YUM! Everyone loved it, including my picky eater husband. The best part, low in calories. Does this mean I can have 2 pieces???

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stake Conference

We had Stake Conference today. What a spiritual boost! The talks were so amazing and uplifting. Sister Jacobsen from the Ranch gave a wonderful talk about being a parent. She talked about how parents are the ones that need to fasten the armor of God onto their children before they go out into this world. And how we as parents need to constantly be strengthening that armor. So good! The entire conference was amazing and it ended with the Primary children standing and singing "If the Savior stood beside me"then the congregation joining in after the first verse. There is nothing that brings the spirit in more strongly than Primary children singing. Love it! I feel rejuvenated. (I think my mom does too, because she was released as a Stake Relief Society Counselor, so yeah, a little rejuvenation her way too.)