Sunday, October 19, 2008

Going to the World Series!

Wow! The Rays did it! We stayed up late last night to watch Game 7 between the Red Sox (BLAH) and the Rays. Unfortunately, they let it come down to Game 7, one last chance. Greg couldn't keep still the entire game, pacing around the living room. We were all very nervous to watch, but sure enough they pulled it out with their very new pitcher, David Price (Greg's new hero). It was so late at night, I knew I was going to have to get out of bed super early to go to work, but I didn't care. I couldn't have slept if I wanted to. It was all worth it to see Greg that excited. Greg doesn't get excited about many things, he's pretty laid back and kinda like "whatever," but he was excited! His mom, even made a comment about how she had never seen him that excited. Greg has been a fan since day one of the Rays franchise, always cheering them on even when they were dreadful and in last place, which was every season leading up to this one. I became a fan when we were dating, not really too much into the sports thing growing up. My first Rays game was the day after Greg proposed. And I have been a fan ever since. It was so fantastic to see our team do so wonderful this season and win the ALCS and go onto the World Series! Go Rays!

We ate the cake that night!

Photos to come

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baby Shower #1

My sister and mom threw me a baby shower, with the help of some very wonderful friends, in Palm Bay where I grew up. My mother-in-law, Carol, and sister-in-law, Kim, also flew down for the shower. We left Greg bright and early to head to the shower, while he spent the day watching football (big surprise!). The shower was at the Berger's house (very close friends, practically family). We had a great time playing the fun little shower games and just laughing and hanging out. It was so great to see everyone. I do have to say that I LOVED playing the yarn game. You know, where everyone tries to guess how round you are. I usually hate playing this game and on most occasions refuse to participate, always afraid of being way off and offending someone. But it's not so bad on the other side of the game, having everyone guess. It was a pretty funny sight to see when Andrea Jarvis shoved a pillow up her shirt to try to get an accurate measure-Andrea is a very very tiny teenager, it was quite the sight to see.

I have to talk about the adorable cake my sister ordered for me. Since the Rays are in the playoffs ( as seen from my previous posts), she decided to have the cake shop make a Rays cake. In the middle of the cake was a little blond, blue eyed baby with a Rays shirt on! So cute. I took the middle of the cake home to show Greg. He got a kick out of it but said it didn't want to eat it until they beat the Red Sox, hopefully tonight.

I am so thankful to have such great friends and feel so loved. To know that even though I don't live there anymore, people are still excited for us. Thanks to everyone that came and all the beautiful gifts, and especially to sister Heather, my wonderful mom, and Kathy and Rebekah, and everyone else that helped, for throwing me an amazing shower. (I feel like I am giving a speech) Thanks ladies, I love you guys!

Photos to come!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

General Conference

I always look forward to Conference. This Conference was especially important to Greg and I, with some trials that we have had lately. I was so grateful to hear the words of our leaders. They were truly such a comfort to me during this time of uncertainty. I enjoyed all the talks. I especially loved the words of Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, learn to laugh. Over the recent years I have learned more and more to put my trust in Heavenly Father. More so in the recent weeks. I love that I know that He is always there for us and we can go to Him with our worries and concerns and He can truly make them easier to bear. I don't know what I would do without this knowledge. Especially now. We just have to learn to be happy no matter what comes. I am so grateful for this wonderful Gospel in my life!

Friday, October 3, 2008

29 Week Peek

Greg and I went to have our thrid ultrasound today. I guess at 20 weeks, our little guy was looking like he was going to have a short leg problem. His legs were measuring a little smaller than they should have been. This really didn't worry us too much, we figured it was either a bad angle OR that he would have his father's legs...Greg has short legs and an extremely long torso. So we weren't too worried, but my doctor still wanted to check. We didn't complain, another chance to see Lochlan, sure I'll do it. Plus being 29 weeks along, the ultrasound tech was able to flip on the 4D ultrasound to try to get a good pic. Unfortunately, we have a pretty active little guy and weren't able to get a perfect picture, but here's the one we got of his face.