Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chris and America and a Trip to the South

My brother, Chris and his beautful wife, America, have moved back to Florida so Chris can start PA school. We could not be happier. Especially since they have a little baby girl on the way. Even if they are 2 1/2 hours away from us, we are still ecstatic about having them close by.
We went down to Ft Lauderdale to help them get situated in their new place. They have a cute place very close to Chris' school. We even took America to her first IKEA visit, a little crowded and overwhelming, but always a good time.
While we were down there, Greg and I got to see our friends Shaody and Juan. They were so gracious to put us all up for the night, me, Greg, Lochlan, AND Sting'em. Thanks guys!!!! Their puppy and cat wore Sting'em out, he slept for an entire day when we got home.
Here is Chris, not wanting to pose for any pictures.And here is America, showing off her tiny little baby bump! (while holding Sting'em)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Highchair and Sippy Cups

Lochlan has been eating solids for sometime now, so we finally purchased a highchair for him, which I love!!! Lochlan's not the best eater, he is very easily distracted by everything around him and would rather be moving around and playing. Now he can focus on eating. YAY!!!
The other night he kept trying to grab my mom's cup from her when she was holding him. When he would get it, he would put it right up to his mouth and try to dump it's contents out into his mouth. Crazy baby, already trying to drink out of cups and straws. So, of course we have moved to the sippy cups for juice. He is getting too big too fast.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bed Head

Lochlan has turned into quite the mover while sleeping, rolling from one side of the crib to the other, then bunching up into a ball, and then stretching back out. This is what he looks like every morning.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today was my first official Mother's Day. I remember last year, it was on Mother's Day that we made the announcement that I was pregnant to our close friends and family. Today started out perfect, breakfast in bed with a card (even signed by Lochlan-Greg put a pen in his hand and he scribbled on the card) and a gift from my two favorite guys. Then off to church, Greg spoke in sacrament about the importance of womanhood and mothers. After church was dinner at the Berger's with my mom and our close friends. It was a great day. I love being a mother. I love being Lochlan's mother. I love that when Lochlan wakes up in the morning, he rolls over with a huge smile on his face. As soon as I pick him up, he gives me a giant hug-arms wrapped around, holding on tight with his head snug on my neck and shoulder. How can it be a bad day after that? I love that he is so curious about everything, so ready to use his tiny body, but still trying to figure it all out. I love that he is always on the go, never sits still, which explains why he is such a lean kid. I love that at night he wants to snuggle and be held by me (it's hard sometimes to get a break, but I secretly love it!). I love that he calms down when I sing "I am a child of God" or "I'm trying to be like Jesus", even though I am the worst singer! I love that he is tall, like his parents. I love his blue eyes, they remind me of his father. And I especially love his tiny dimple, reminds me of me. I don't know how we were happy without him in our lives. I am so glad he is here and that I am his mom.


So, most Sunday dinners are spent at our good friends the Berger's house. Kathy and Keith Berger were like second parent to us Tarpein kids growing up, so it's nice to spend days like today with them, days that we appreciate those we love most. So to chip in, since our families are all getting bigger and everyone comes to enjoy a nice Sunday meal, I was in charge of dessert today. Since today was a special day, I decided to go all out and tackle a good cheesecake, after all, I LOVE cheesecake. This was really my first time making a big cheesecake, so I was a little nervous with how everything would turn out. I don't know why I try new things and recipes out on unsuspecting others. That's just the way I do it. So I made 2 cheesecakes- 1 with lots of fruit and 1 chocolate marble- and 1 giant chocolate cake, just in case some didn't share in my love for the cheesecake. I have to say, they turned out pretty good! I was very pleased and very satisfied with the end result. Oh yeah, everyone else liked them too. The cupcakes I made for my Sunday School Class, to celebrate my birthday. (I am actually trying to buy their love with food as I am new to this calling! Just kidding!)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Surprise Birthday Dinner

Last night Greg took me out for my birthday. We decided to head over to Orlando, to eat at PF Changs. Little did I know that Greg invited our friends from our old ward, Missy and Jonathan, and of course their adorable kids who are getting so big, and Ashlea and Randy and their new little girl, Perian, who of course is just as beautiful as their two older kids. I should have known something was up when Greg insisted on being there around 6:30- he prides himself on always having fantastic gifts and surprises for me. So I should have seen something coming. It was so great to see our friends and have a yummy meal, followed by the "Great Wall of Chocolate" to go for dessert, mmmm. Lochlan had great time talking to Britton (baby talk) and flirting with the ladies. It was great. Thanks Greg for the wonderful surprise, and thanks Missy, Jonathan, Ashlea and Randy for coming!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Favorite PJs

Just a quick pic to show everyone what Lochlan looks like now, almost 5 months old!! Wow I am super behind on posting. Our little boy is getting so big. He loves to smile at everyone and laugh. He is long and lean, standing at almost 27 inches! He is always talking, making some new sound, it's pretty entertaining for us. He is constantly on the move, always rolling and never still, trying to figure new things out. His latest task is trying to figure out how to sit up on his own. He is the happiest baby and such a blessing to our family. I will post more to come as soon as I get my tons of pictures downloaded from the past few months. But here is Lochlan in his favorite PJs (well my favorite PJs, baseballs all over them).

Friday, May 1, 2009

Way Behind!!!

So, I am obviously way behind on my blogging. Our family has gone through many changes in the past few months. New baby, new job, new city...everything! Right after Lochlan was born, we had to move due to Greg's new job. We lived in our old condo for about 2 months with no internet (so no blogging) then moved to a beautiful home near Greg's work. Then we finally sold the condo. So, life has been settling down again and I have decided that I had put off blogging for long enough. I have a lot to catch up on. So, I apologize for the many posts to come.