Friday, June 12, 2009

Recruited for Camp

I was recruited for Girl's Camp this year for the craft committee. How great is that?? Crafting with the YW and then I get to leave camp, I don't have to spend the night? I'll take it! So today I headed out to the Deseret Ranch to the campgrounds to go crafting for the day. My mom watched Lochlan so he wouldn't have to endure the heat. Thanks, mom. First was the crafty service project. The service project this year was making thank you cards for our troops and packing them with packs of kool-aid, ahh a taste from home. So after I shared a little spiritual thought on freedom and how we have everything because there are wonderful people willing to fight for our country, we got to the card making. What a great service project!! It was so wonderful to see the girls get into it and talk about all the freedoms they have in this life.
Here is Rebecca (our ward's camp leader) helping the girls out with the cards, she's very crafty with the card making.

Then it was free time/craft time. The theme this year was "Daughter of a King- Quest for the Best". It was all very princessy. So I made tons of vinyl letters in all jewel tones (ya know, for the princesses) to make these adorable little tiles. The girls LOVED them. So glad I could be of service to the wonderful YW organization again, even if it was just for a very hot day.


Christi said...

How fun! I am the Girls Camp Director for our Ward!!!! This looks like fun.

Jessica said...

LOVE the tiles! You are so talented!

Shelly J. said...

Those tiles are so cute. You are so talented Stephanie

Heather said...

I love my tile and so does Mattie. Girls Camp is so fun and I was so sad not to be able to go this year for the whole time.