Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Goodbye Alimentum

Goodbye Alimentum, hello regular formula. At two weeks old we learned that Lochlan had an allergy to cow's milk. At three weeks we had to start supplementing with formula and that's when we learned the hard way that Lochlan also had an intolerance for soy. A very violent intolerance for soy! Oy. So we had to supplement with Alimentum, which is so very expensive. Good thing it was just to supplement. His pediatrician said that we could try switching him over to regular formula at six months and see what happens. Lochlan is not quite six months, but I figured, what was a week going to do? So I am happy to report that we used the rest of our last can of Alimentum and he is now on regular formula and seems to be doing fine. Thank goodness!!! The Alimentum was a whopping $25 for a small can. I am thankful that it was so good to his poor little tummy for the first months of his life, but I am just glad his tummy can handle the cow's milk protein now. Unfortunately, he still can't take any soy. Mix up with his cousin's bottle the other week, Lochlan barely got any, I noticed it before I thought it could do any damage, but apparently not soon enough and....not good. Maybe he'll grow out of that by 1.

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Heather said...

Thank goodness for you guys!