Saturday, April 19, 2008


How exciting! In November I started tinkering around with making vinyl signs. As my husband would say, it's always something new with me. It's true. There is always a new craft that I am trying to teach myself-thanks Greg for putting up with my many experiments. Well, needless to say, everyone in the family got a beautiful vinyl sign for Christmas. Even my nieces. Mattie's read "My Prince did come, his name is Daddy'-in the Walt Disney font, of course. I think they were a big hit. So, I kinda fell in love with the vinyl sign thing and bought my own cutter. Well, this weekend I sold a few of the signs to our friend Robyn, for her store, YAPA. YAPA is this incredible store in downtown Melbourne. YAPA means "a little something extra." And that's what the store has in it. All these cute cool things for your home or whatever. Well, Robyn and I are hoping that my signs do very well and if so, she will definitely continue to sell them. She loved them. Greg and I were trying to come up with a name for my little "signing business." Any suggestions???


Megan Berge said...

aw, yeah I had fun making those signs for Christmas in YW's. You are so creative!

your business name? cool. what about:

Signs by Designs
Sign by Design
Sign Design
Signature Signs
Steph's Signs
Skillful Signs
Wooden Art


Anonymous said...

Well its on a "slab" of wood.

s = surprises
l = life
a = always
b = brings

s = something
l = life
a = always
b = brings

nanamoo said...

you could also do something cheesy like
give me a sign
signing away

Heather said...

I hope that the signs do well this weekend at the street fair. We do love Mattie's sign.

Ashlea said...

I am so excited to see my signs. We need to get a party together! Until we team up I'll give you a suggestion for your own. How about..."Love Letters"