Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rays at Disney

Last night we were able to go to another Rays game. They were playing three games at Disney's Wide World of Sports against the Toronto Blue Jays. Whenever the Rays play in Orlando, we like to take advantage of that and go to as many games as we can...shorter drive. So last night we met up with the Lugos and headed down to Disney. The Lugos are our new baseball buddies. Jose is a huge baseball fan and it's nice for Greg to have a guy to talk with about the game...or about every game. And it's nice for me to have Frances to talk to about how crazy our husbands are about sports. We have a lot of fun with them. I love going to the Wide World of Sports stadium, because no matter where you sit, you have great seats. It was a good game. We had a blast. Greg, of course was cracking me up the entire night. For those of you that think my husband is very quiet, you have never seen him at a sporting event. He is standing up and yelling, cheering, sometimes happy, sometimes angry. It's a pretty funny, sometimes embarrassing, sight. Don't feel too bad for me, I knew he was like that from our first date, which was to a Magic game. So, I have known from the beginning how he really is. Anyways, we were sitting at the game, it was the bottom of the 6th, and Toronto brought in a new pitcher...Shawn Camp. Shawn Camp was previously a pitcher for our Rays...he's really not the best (that's being nice). In his past with the Rays, he messed up many, many games with his awful pitching. But, luckily he is now part of the Blue Jays. Well, when they announced his name, Greg's ears perked up and he started laughing. Then, as the crowd quieted was really quite...Greg stands and yells, "Shawn Camp, you suck sooo bad!"(while pointing his finger toward the pitching mound). Well, needless to say,everyone in our section and the neighboring sections heard him and turned. I, of course, had my hands over my face, half mortified and half laughing. Greg sat down shaking his head and turned to us, very seriously, and said, "He has caused me so much heartache." HA! My poor, tormented husband. He was yelling all night. I think he threw Shawn Camp off because he only last 2 innings before his team took him out. Poor guy. I was giggling the rest of the night. TheRays went on to win 6-4, we were happy. Go Rays!


nanamoo said...

"He has caused me so much heartache." That was just the best quote ever!

Heather said...

Um, I probably would have died! Greg is so funny. That poor pitcher. He was already probably nervous to be pitching in front of fans of his old team, and then Greg stands up and starts yelling at him! Crazy! Glad the Rays won.

Megan B said...

did you notice in the picture brother lugo is making an elvis face. the whole lip thing says "thank you very much" written all over it. that is funny about that whole not very good pitcher. lol...looks like you had fun