Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Last Day

Today is Greg's last day at Pershing (the finance company for The Bank of New York). This was Greg's first job out of college. He starts his new job next week. We are very excited for this new opportunity for our family.


Megan Berge said...

that is exciting! my dad recenty switched his job also! that's fantastic!


Livin' in the Sunshine said...

lots of luck in his new avenue!!

Nashua & Nellie said...

Um, second mother. (lol) I cant figure out how to do the fancy scrapbook thing!

By the way I did you hear about David Cook? I was happy Ramiel went home...sorry but out of all of them besides Kristie she need to go. She started out great, but she just did not do as well towards the end. :(

xoxo - Nashua

Jody Weiss said...

Good luck with the new job!

Melody said...

Good luck Greg. We hope you have a blast!