Monday, July 7, 2008

Ohio for the 4th

This year for the fourth, we were able to go to Ohio for a short visit with Greg's family. We flew out Thursday night after work-thanks so much to Jonathan and Missy for taking us to the airport- arriving around midnight. The flight was horrible, absolutely no leg space for tall people, we were so glad to get off that plane. It was so wonderful to see Greg's family. Alysia (Greg's sister) and her kids-Savannah and the triplets, Will, Paxton, and JD-were visiting from Utah while Mark (Alysia's husband) was on a fising trip in Alaska. Greg's grandpa was also visiting, so everyone was there, except Mark.

The triplets-Will(Greg's lil'twin), Paxton, and sweet Jd

We had a little 4th of July party on Friday evening with the whole family. After our yummy meal we made our way to the Maumee River with the boat to watch the fireworks. (Carol and Bob stayed back with the triplets.) The fireworks were amazing. It was a spectacular sight to see all the boats piled in to celebrate our country. I feel so blessed to live in this country and have the freedom that we have. I am so grateful for that and I love this holiday.Greg and I enjoyed the chilly evening on the Maumee River
Alysia with the girls-Savannah, Vannessa, and Isabella
Kim, Rita, and Jeff waiting for the fireworks to get startedSaturday we had a little celebration for all the birthdays around this time of year. Grandpa Penzien (June birthday), and Savannah (turns six at the end of this month), and of course my favorite person in the world, my wonderful husband (birthday on the 10th). The triplets must have felt a little left out with all the present opening, as they insisted on helping their older sister tear her gifts open. Sunday afternoon we had to fly back home. The flight was much more pleasant-lots of long leg space, but it was sad to leave everyone after such a short trip. We love them all very much and are so grateful for each and everyone of them. Hope to see them soon!
The Birthday Bunch-Grandpa Penzien, Savannah (with her new guitar), and Greg
Saying goodbye to Savannah and the boys-next time we see them, they will have a new cousin!
(And thanks to my family for watching our little Sting'em for the weekend-he hates to fly!)


Heather said...

It looks like you guys had a great 4th of July with Greg's family. I can't believe how big the triplets look. I don't think I've seen them since they went to Disney and I watched them! Savannah is as cute as ever.

nanamoo said...

very cool fireworks picture on the lake!

America said...

Sounds like a really nice 4th! How great that you were able to go up and visit Greg's family! I really like that fireworks picture on the lake too!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Greg!