Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hubby Tag

I was tagged by my sis-in-law America. This is a cute tag. So here we go.
1. What is his name? Gregory Clifford Paxton
2. Who eats more? That's easy, he does. He usually finishes what I don't eat.
3. Who said "I love you" first? Greg, after working up the courage to do so. He was smitten at first sight though. :)
4. Who is taller? Depends on the day and the shoes we're wearing. Barefoot, Greg is barely taller than I am.
5. Who is smarter? Hmmm...on what the topic? Greg is a pretty smart guy.
6. Who is more sensitive? Uh, me.
7. Who does the laundry? I sort and usually wash, Greg will fold though. It's a joint effort.
8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? When in bed, I sleep on the right. I love my side of the bed. It's so comfy.
9. Who pays the bills? We both do, for now.
10. Who cooks more? I absolutely do. I can't eat hot dogs every night. If Greg gets home before me, sometimes he'll start dinner and then I'll finish.
11. What meals do you cook together? Hmm...joint nights are usually taco nights.
12. Who is more stubborn? I think we both can be. We take turns.
13. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Again, we take turns.
14. Who has more siblings? Greg does. He has two sisters and one brother. I have one brother and one sister.
15. Who wears the pants in the relationship? We both try to fit-it's kinda a tight squeeze. Just kidding. We do try to keep things pretty even.
16. What do you like to do together? Anything and everything. Just being with each other makes us happy, no matter what we're doing. I like to go to movies and he likes to go to sports games-we try to go to each for each other and usually both have a blast going.
17. Who eats more sweets? I would say I do, but Greg does have a major sweet tooth too-he likes his Snickers Ice Cream bars.
18. His guilty pleasures? Anything on the lake-wakeboarding, wakeskating. SPORTS!! Anyone who knows my husband knows he LOVES sports. Any and every sport! And at night he does turn on the XBox 360 when I head for bed early-always a sports game.
19. How did you meet? Greg and his friend moved from Ohio to Cocoa Beach July of 2003-to live the beach lifestyle, he was a bit of a beach bum when not in class. We met the following week at church and were married July of 2004.
20. Who asked out who first? took me awhile to say yes, I was always busy-he kept asking me out Thursday night and I, uh, already would have plans for the weekend. He finally got the hint and called me earlier in the week to snag me up for the weekend before anyone else did. We were pretty inseparable once we started dating.
21. Who kissed who first? Greg did, after seeing the movie Elf-funny movie. It took him awhile to do it that night. I knew he wanted to and was working up the courage to. It was cute. He's cute.
22. Who proposed? Greg did. We went for a walk on the beach around sunset. He had written in the sand, "Stephanie I love you." There were roses lying on the sand. Greg knelt down to hand me the roses and buried underneath the roses was a little box with a beautiful ring in it. (Don't worry, his brother was hiding near by in the sea oats keeping an eye on the ring until we got close enough.) How can you say no to that?
23. His best features? His blue-green eyes and his smile. I love the way he walks too. It's pretty cute.
24. What is his greatest quality? There are so many! I love that he can always make me laugh. Even when I have had a bad day and am determined that I can't be happy that day, he always brings a smile to my face. I love that!

Hmmm...who to tag. I tag Ashlea and Missy


nanamoo said...

I thought that so great...loved the details!

Jordan Mathews said...

That is an interesting game!

Heather said...

I guess its my turn to do the tag. I think that I knew most of the stuff about you and Greg, since we're so close and all! I'm glad that you got to feel the baby the other night. It starts to get even better soon.

Rebecca said...

Maybe someday I will get to meet him!

Jordan Mathews said...

I am so excited for your baby I heard it may have been a boy well you can use the name that oyu told us in St. Augustine. Bailey is getting lonely over here we need a play date since stingem got fixed he may be down on Baily's pace.

Cameron's Corner said...

I'd love to read somebody actually being honest in one of these "hubby tags". Who makes the decision's? We BOTH do! Who does the cooking? We work together! Yeah right.