Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Year with Sting'em

It has been a year since we made a wonderful addition to little growing family-Sting'em. So I thought I would just share a list of Sting'em's Top Ten Favorite things. So here we go:
10. Any kind of bone late at night
9. Sitting on our shoulders during car rides-the only way he can get a good look out the window
8. His Georgia Tech blanket-do not use, he will try to take it away from you if you do
7. Sitting outside in the backyard-watching the golfers and chasing birds and bugs
6. Anything that squeaks-he attacks
5. Sleeping in between Greg and I under the covers-on his back with his feet sticking straight up
4. His food-or any food
3. Clifford the Big Red Dog
2. Tennis Balls-there are at least five bouncing around our house
1. Long walks around our neighborhood-chasing leaves, saying hi to passing dogs, and taking a run on the golf course after hours
Of course, his all time favorite is just being with us, no matter what we're doing. He is just happy and content when we are home with him. Sting'em is the sweetest little dog ever and we are thankful everyday that he is part of our tiny family.


Jody Weiss said...

He is such a cutie!! He got pretty lucky when you picked him out of the bunch!

Heather said...

You forgot yapping early in the morning! Just kidding, I'm sure he only does that when we watch him! I'm glad that he is part of your family.

Ashlea said...

Sting'em is such a sweet dog...I can't believe Grace wasn't on the list (j/k). And I think Clifford is his all time most favorite thing:)