Sunday, June 15, 2008

Girls Camp

This week our YW went to Girls Camp. Although I didn't get to go out to spend the entire week with them, camping under the stars, I did get to go out there for a few nights after work. Our ward color was orange-for Choice and Accountability. Thursday night was skit night and our girls won "Most Original"-totally appropriate for their skit. Although, we as leaders we a little biased, we thought our girls deserved "Best Overall". But, I guess since they won it last year, they couldn't give it to them again, you know. I mean, how would the other wards feel. Our girls did a great job and made it through camp. It brought back so many memories of my camp years, camping in the Florida heat with the bugs and occassional Summer showers-which happened every day for these girls this year. It can be brutal. So, good job girls! I love these girls so much and it was fun to spend a few nights with them.
The Eustis girl's first day of camp dressed in our ward's camp color.
Bad bug bites lead to a good game of dot to dot."Most Original" Skit. Although I think we could've won every single award they were giving out.


Heather said...

Your post just reminded me of how many things we need to get done before our Girl's Camp! It looks like your girls had a great time, bug bites and all.

Megan said...

those bites really did hurt too :)

Rebecca said...

How fun! I miss being a yw leader.

America said...

Ahh the memories!

Anne Left. Lisa Right said...

this has nothing to do with your post, though that dot to dot is pretty cool.

Could I get your address please?

You can email me at

Thanks dear!

Lisa Holbrook