Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Road Trip

It was time for the annual YW road trip for our ward for the Mia Maids and Laurels. Sort of, a high adventure, and I was able to join them. Debbie (our amazing YW Pres) and I took 5 wonderful girls to the road-Melissa, Jordan, Nashua, Sarah, and Megan. We didn't head too far away, to St Augustine. We left Monday to return Friday evening, for a week of packed full adventures, all planned by Debbie, who is absolutely amazing...I think I might have her plan all of my vacations since she is so good at it. So, here is a break down of our fun week.
MONDAY-Met at the Carter's. Packed (and I mean, really JAM PACKED) the car full of all our gear. Hit the road for our smashed together 2 hour ride to Debbie's brother's house in St. Augustine.
TUESDAY-Shopping in Jacksonville at Avondale. We walked around to check out the cute little shops. The girls found the Green Alligator- an incredibly cute toy shop. Right away, Sarah found these amazing little "plasma bikes." She was riding around the entire store insisting that everyone try one out. So, I did, all 5 feet 11 inches of me squished on this tiny little bike. It was a blast! So then we got Debbie on one and we took over riding them around the store. It was tons of fun. I think I would've taken one home, if only there was more room in the car to take it back. Hmmm...maybe next time.

Then we headed over to the Cummer Museum and took a tour, learning about the many collections of art they had. My favorite had to be the Garden, right on the river. It was absolutely beautiful. After the tour we headed up the the "Art Connection"-the more interactive part of the museum. The girls instantly found a huge screen to dance in front of and spent the rest of their time in the little room, dancing and singing at the top of their lungs. It was pretty entertaining. The girls all decided that they would want a colorful screen like that in their own homes. It was hard to tear them away when it was time to go.
WEDNESDAY-All about Flagler. We headed over to Flagler College and learned about Henry Flagler. It was a great Florida History lesson, Henry Flagler had a huge role in the development of Florida. We were able to go on a tour of the beautiful campus, which was originally Mr. Flagler's luxurious hotel, now made into a private College. What an amazing experience it must be to go to school there.
THURSDAY-After the girls woke up at 10 (exhausted from late night of partying in the pool), we headed out to Jacksonville Landing. We took a relaxing ferry boat ride around the river and then, as suggested by the lady at the tourist office, we set off to find the trolley to take us around town. I don't think that lady had ever ridden on the trolley before, if she had, she would certainly not recommend it. After driving around for about 30 minutes looking for a safe place to escape to or waiting for the driver to take us back to the Landing, the driver informed us that we were on the "homeless trolley". Sure lady! "Take the Trolley!" It was not a huge surprise for us to hear, we pretty much could tell after many people loaded on. Our girls were a bit shaken up, but had a good outlook on it. They said "maybe we were supposed to ride that so we can appreciate what we have." I love our girls!
Later that evening Debbie's brother, John, was nice enough to take us to the driving range to teach us a few things about golf. I, having been to the driving range before with Greg, so I knew full well how I would do. Let's just say I had some decent shots with the 6 iron I was using, but nothing consistent. I am going to go with the excuse that my tiny growing baby bump, as the girls so often pointed out to me during the week, got in the way. I usually rock at golf! Yeah, I will go with that. After about an hour and a half of trying to hit the balls, we called in a night. Of course, there was some pool time afterward for some of the girls.
FRIDAY-The big day! Nashua so kindly and patiently did my hair and painted my nails the night before. I have no patience for my hair anymore, seeing how it has gotten curlier over the past few years-but Nashua, the flat iron master that she is got my hair perfectly straight. I don't even think my stylist gets it that silky, smooth. Amazing. So, Friday morning we all got dressed up and headed to Sephora so the girls could get their make-up done for our big lunch. They all looked so beautiful! (But they always do.) With sometime to shop before we needed to head to lunch, Nashua and I hit every baby/maternity store in the mall. She, I think, will be my baby's stylist, whether I have a boy or a girl. So, I know that with the YW's help, I don't have to worry about babysitters or my baby not being fashionable. Lots to look forward to!We drove out to Amelia Island, a beautiful island right off the coast, with really not much on it. It was gorgeous. We went to Cafe 4750 at the Ritz and had a scrumptios meal. After two hours of talking and laughing, we were stuffed and completely satisfied. I know I was. I had the most delicious King Crab Cake Sandwich in the world. YUM! (I thought of my wonderful grandmother, who would've loved it.) We had such an amazing time, it was the perfect way to end a fabulous week!
Drove back to pack up the car and get on the road. Our road trip came to an end when we pulled back into the Carters later that night. I had such a wonderful week with the girls and Debbie. I absolutely adore each and every one of them. I loved going on this trip with Debbie, she is so wonderful and researched every little thing we did (the trolley was where we strayed from her plan, but that was due to poor advice from the not so informed tourist shop lady). I just feel so lucky that I get the oppurtunity to serve with her in YW. She's great. And I love all our girls. It was such a blessing to see them and spend time with them all week long. They are each strong girls with beautiful testimonies. I am very grateful that I was able to go on the trip with them. As wonderful as it was to feel young again, staying up all night and going and going nonstop all day long...I have to say, it was amazing to go home to my loving husband and cute little dog, who missed me terribly, and sleep in my own bed Friday night. So much to be thankful for!!!Thanks Debbie and girls for the fantastic week!!!

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Looks like you had fun. I bet the girls love you!