Friday, October 3, 2008

29 Week Peek

Greg and I went to have our thrid ultrasound today. I guess at 20 weeks, our little guy was looking like he was going to have a short leg problem. His legs were measuring a little smaller than they should have been. This really didn't worry us too much, we figured it was either a bad angle OR that he would have his father's legs...Greg has short legs and an extremely long torso. So we weren't too worried, but my doctor still wanted to check. We didn't complain, another chance to see Lochlan, sure I'll do it. Plus being 29 weeks along, the ultrasound tech was able to flip on the 4D ultrasound to try to get a good pic. Unfortunately, we have a pretty active little guy and weren't able to get a perfect picture, but here's the one we got of his face.

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Heather said...

Look at that cute face! I think that he is going to look like Greg!