Friday, August 22, 2008

Here comes the sun

Fay has to be one of the storms we will never forget. No one would've ever thought this storm would have created the damage that it did, as it spun across Florida, affecting, I think, every county in the state making it's mark in history as being the storm that made landfall a record 4 times in Florida-with all the exiting and re-entering the state. All the time refusing to weaken. In fact, it strengthened over land. Very unlike anything I have ever seen. Days and days of nonstop rain, as it halted over central Florida. My mother, sister and her family were in the middle of it. We didn't get nearly as much as they did. In Brevard it rained from Tuesday until Friday, nonstop. I called my mom often to check on her and the family. We joked about how miserable Noah must have been, because it was hard to for us to even handle a few days on torrential downpour with not seeing the sun. Floridians need sun. After days of being drenched by Tropical Storm Fay, we were able to make it over to our condo in Cocoa Beach to check out the damage. We had heard all week about Brevard being pounded by the underestimated storm and reports were that Cocoa Beach had received 24 inches of rain. Needless to say, we were pretty worried about how much water would be in our condo that sits on the first floor. As we made our drive to the coast, the worst possible scenario in my mind, the sun began to finally peek out from the clouds. Yeah, sun! Finally! We final reached our condo and to our amazement, there was not one puddle of water in our place! Incredible! I am so grateful and feel like the luckiest person in the state of Florida. I know many, many others did not fare nearly as well as we did. After we left our condo, we drove just a little ways down A1A to where Greg lived when he first moved to Florida. Sure enough, there was about 1 ft of standing water in the road and around the homes there. Again, I felt amazingly blessed. Here are the pics from the road we were on. My heart goes out to all those with damage from this storm. I know people are still suffering from rising waters from rivers and lakes.

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Jordan Mathews said...

There was a man boating in the street cause he couldnt walk in it. I thought it was hilarious.