Friday, August 29, 2008

College Football Season

It has officially begun! Yes, that's right, the start of college football season. What does this mean to me? Well, it means that I know what I am doing everyday Saturday from now until December. I know this because Greg plans our Saturdays around when the games begin. And I can expect an upcoming trip to Atlanta for a Georgia Tech game. So last night Greg watched the first Georgia Tech football via internet-it wasn't showing on TV. And on Saturday, he will attend the first UCF game with Randy White. I do enjoy a good Georgia Tech-our team of choice-game every now and then, but not every single game they show on Saturday! Too much. I am just grateful that I have so many wonderful friends whose husbands obsess over football season too. We will get through the season together as our husbands tune out everything around them but the football!


Jody Weiss said...

You're a trooper of a wife! Do you ever get a break between baseball and football? Is Greg a big basketball fan? I love that Sting'em has some team spirit as well, he looks as thrilled about it as you probably are! That's awesome!

Jordan Mathews said...

Is Sting'em a Georgia Tech fan too.