Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Smyrna

Beach Party! Saturday was our ward beach party at New Smyrna beach. We drove over Friday evening with the Whites and spent the night at their condo. They even let us bring Sting'em, which was really fun because we are not allowed to take him to our condo in Cocoa Beach. He had fun chasing Grace and Gavin around that night. The next day we drove over to the beach, making a stop at some beach shops and at a french deli to pick up some pretty amazing subs for lunch (Yum! They were so good!!!). We got to the beach and met up with the rest of the ward. The sand was blazing, so we spent most of the time by the water. I was little too chicken to wander too far out into the waves. As we were wading out into the water, Greg reminded me that New Smyrna was one of top the hot spots for shark attacks. Yeah, I stayed close to the shore at that point. (Thanks husband.) Afterwards we all headed back to the White's condo to hit the pool. It was an amazingly fun weekend. That was actually our first time at New Smyrna Beach. Thanks Gail for the fun ward party! And thanks so much to Randy, Ashlea, Grace, and Gavin for letting us tag along and stay at your condo! We had a blast! We had fun playing with Grace in the waves. She is so cute!

Ashlea and Grace.

Cute Gavin playing in the sand. All our beautiful YW that came. I love these girsl! Bishop Berge was worn out by the end of the day.


Heather said...

A ward beach party sounds fun. We have beach day every Tuesday, but that's just a bunch of moms and their kids. I'm glad that you and Greg love your ward so much!

Jody Weiss said...

That looks like a blast and a nice relaxing weekend (glad you were careful of the sharks!!)

Megan said...

that was a blast!