Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Opening Day

Just a quick story I would like to share. My husband is basically obsessed with sports. He LOVES sports. Especially College Football and Baseball...but he'll pretty much watch anything. One time I was actually forced to watch a Curling Event. I know, weird. But anyways, today was officially Opening Day for MLB. Yes, very exciting for everyone. So last night, he was actually contemplating whether to wake up early to watch the first game at 6 AM (It was in Tokyo) or not! He probably would have if it was anyone other than the Red Sox-not really Greg's favorite team (he hates them with a passion). Well...he decided to not get up to watch the game when it started. But, sure enough when he got up at 7, the game was on. This is my life until October. Enjoy.

(I do love baseball too, Go Rays...but never at 6 AM)


Heather said...

The fact that Greg loves sports is an understatement! Remember when he couldn't believe that Matt and I had planned our wedding during March Madness?!? Good thing you enjoy watching baseball with him! Hope his team has a great season.

nanamoo said...

My husband stays up half the night watching the Dodgers play baseball in California! He used to be able to convince me that this was the game of the week or the month or the decade, but now I know...it's just The Game!

Rebecca said...

Doug will watch the sportscenter 1 hour circuit, and when the loop starts over and your seeing the same thing you just watched I'll say, "honey, we just saw this." to which he will respond, "I know but wasn't this play awesome...and here comes another one, right here, right here!" I can tolerate LIVE baseball. You're a trooper for watching a televised game. I'd rather watch my grass grow.